Stephen Curry now better than Kevin Durant?! Comedy Central at best! Folks are prisoners of da sec!

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  1. KD is still Batman. Watch KD carry the Warriors in the finals against the MIL/TOR when Steph is struggling. Saying Steph is the best player on the team after 2 good games is ludicrous. Houston was scarred and Portland can't defend the pick and roll. Curry was getting open looks all night because Lillard was consistently late on screens and Portland's bigs refused to cover the 3 point line. Practice shots for Steph. That won't happen against elite defensive teams like Milwaukee or Toronto. Steph will have a game in the Finals where he goes 5-20 and Durant will bail him out again lol. Steph's skillset is best for the regular season and for early-round playoff opponents who play mediocre defense. Durant's skillset allows him to thrive against elite defenses, as seen in the first 4 games of the last round. Where was Steph? Lol. Durant all the way.

  2. Could we atleast say that Steph is the best player on the gsw team? That team was built for/around curry…KD is the better player overall but not the better player for the gsw system…KD Batman, Curry green lantern.,.

  3. Warriors don't need Durant. Durant needs warriors for his chip thats why if you cant beat em join em.. Durant a cupcake 🎂. curry is one of the best in history along with 👑 James


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